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Open USB Loader - USB Compatibility List

Game TitleRegionGame IDUSBLDStatusNotes
KINGDOM HEARTSNTSCSLUS-203.700.7 rev482Working-FMV Stutters(1sec play,1.5-2sec pause),Game was patched with PAL-NTSC Y-FIX Selector 1.07 (Pal mode not working only NTSC,NTSC-with fix works),(On PAL it halts at [pink screen showing 'BOOTING' on bottom screen of the Mode Selector)
KINGDOM HEARTS 2NTSCSLUS-210.050.7 rev482Working-FMV Stutters less than USBAdvance/OPL0.41USBA (OPL0.41-0.7 doesnt work with my flash drive),Game is perfect with complete sound and no Gummi mission freezing...