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 * Merged OPL/OPLGSM codebase
 * GSM Core 0.36.R - don't worry; 0.38 will be coming back better than ever!
 * GSM Core no longer supports 576p, 1080p, Skip FMVs - this is temporary. 
-* GSM Core is now IGR Compatible!
+* GSM Core is now IGR and CodeBreaker/PS2rd compatible!
 * GSM no longer included in Childproof builds.
 * Unified Makefile builds from single source tree via "GSM=0/1" argument (ala VMC/No VMC)
-* OPL and OPLGSM now compatible with CodeBreaker/PS2rd 
 * Protokernel support now part of PS2SDK toolchain
 * Upgraded and non-integrated LibFreeType - also part of PS2SDK
 * Upgraded LIBPNG, ATAD, HDPro, and DEV9 Module Code