Founded in Year 6

Year 6: Ed

Notable Features

  • The fort's overall layout is based on the Quick-start guide on the wiki.
  • The entrance to the fort is based on the "Self-cleaning Bridge" strategy on the wiki.
  • Not all the bridges are attached to the lever yet, though we should have enough mechanisms in stock to complete it.
  • The pit below the bridges may not be properly secured. One Fisherdwarf died of thirst there; I flagged his corpse for dumping but it may be unreachable.
    • The bridge won't atom-smash anything because I dug out 1-2 levels beneath it; this may or may not be good.
  • The kitchen and still are brand-new. They've been told to make hooch and easy meals nonstop, but they may not really be in operation yet. They may also compete for resources.
  • I wanted to make a square table for the meeting hall, but the table parts weren't done yet last I checked. There aren't any chairs around it yet, either.
  • I mainly requested food in my dwarven-caravan trade agreement.
  • I completed one small trade with the Dwarven Caravan before it left.

It is now Early Spring, Year 7.