Ignition tools

Ignition entry point for using all the suite of ignition tools.

Ignition tools provide the ign command line tool that accepts multiple subcommands. Each subcommand is implemented in a plugin that belongs to a specific Ignition project. For example, all the commands that start with ign topic ... will be implemented by the Ignition Transport library.

Continuous integration

Please refer to the job.

Build Status


The following dependencies are required to compile ignition-tools from source:

  • cmake
  • mercurial
  • ruby-ronn
  • ruby-dev


Standard installation can be performed in UNIX systems using the following steps:

  • mkdir build/
  • cd build/
  • cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
  • sudo make install


To uninstall the software installed with the previous steps:

  • cd build/
  • sudo make uninstall