Ignition transport

Ignition transport classes and functions for robot applications.

Ignition transport is a component in the ignition framework, a set of libraries designed to rapidly develop robot applications.

Continuous integration

Please refer to the Bitbucket Pipelines.

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Check here.

Documentation Status


Ignition Transport 4.x.x

  • Updated callback signature when advertising service calls
  • Zero copy
  • Benchmarking
  • Allow ign topic --pub and ign topic --echo to work with custom messages
  • Allow communication among nodes outside of the same LAN
  • Request the message description to its publisher
  • Security and authentication
  • UDP support
  • Create a wrapper for a scripting language

Create Documentation & Release

  1. Build documentation
cd build
make doc
  1. Upload documentation to
cd build
  1. If you're creating a new release, then tell about the new version. For example:
curl -k -X POST -d '{"libName":"transport", "version":"1.0.0", "releaseDate":"2017-10-09T12:10:13+02:00","password":"secret"}'