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Yet another serial plotting application. CerealPlottah is Python3 application which uses matplotlib for data plotting, QT for GUI and pyserial for serial communication.

Serial device should send data over serial link after receiving user defined command. Data can be interleaved (a,b,c,a,b,c,...).

CerealPlottah (currently) can't plot data in real time.




CerealPlottah depends on Python 3.x, pyserial, matplotlib, pyQt


Optional configuration file can be created. CerealPlottah will search for configuration files in following order:

  • ./cerealplottah.cfg
  • ./.cerealplottah.cfg
  • ~/.cerealplottah.cfg

First config file it finds will be used.

config file sample

All fields are optional.

port = /dev/ttyUSB0
baudrate = 115200
data_command = get_data\r\n
connect_on_startup = true

data1 = auto_on r   # auto scale, red
data2 = 0 2000 g    # manual y-axis limits, green
something = auto_on hide   # don't show (but deinterleave)
somename = m hide 0 1000 auto_on hide   # options can be in any order


CerealPlottah is licensed under Modified BSD License. Text of the license is included in source code.