Support in-place adjustment of padding before audio portion of mp3 file.

#58 Merged at c030764
  1. Hendrik Schreiber

It is beneficial for audio application to preserve file identity (see also The fix makes sure that if we need more room for ID3 tags before the audio portion of mp3 files, the required room can be created in-place, i.e. without creating a new file. The file is simply extended and the audio portion is shifted to the back.

Channel transfer operations are avoided on purpose, because of

Comments (3)

  1. Hendrik Schreiber author

    The initial PR didn’t compute the chunkSize correctly. I have just fixed this.

  2. Hendrik Schreiber author

    When working on this, I noticed that in TagOptionSingleton we have:

         * Preserve file identity if possible
        private boolean preserveFileIdentity = true;

    And then:

        public void setToDefault()
            preserveFileIdentity = false;

    That’s pretty confusing when reading the code. I’d like to suggest changing one or the other.