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libmarshal is a CUDA and OpenCL library that implements fast, parallel in-place tiled in-place array transposition and layout conversion algorithms on the GPUs.

It was used in on-the-fly data layout conversion in the DL system for OpenCL currently, but right now primarily serves as a stand-alone in-place layout conversion tool.

It implements the algorithms mentioned in this paper.

If you find this library useful, please cite:

author={Gomez-Luna, J. and Sung, I. and Chang, Li-Wen and Gonzalez-Linares, J. and Guil Mata, N. and Hwu, Wen-Mei W.}, 
journal={Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Transactions on}, 
title={In-Place Matrix Transposition on GPUs}, 
keywords={Arrays;Graphics processing units;Layout;Libraries;Multicore processing;Parallel processing;Throughput;GPU;In-Place;Transposition}, 

Please check out the library OpenCL API and Python API if you want to call this library in your project.

For discussions, please go to the discussion group (hosted by Google groups)

Software Requirements

  • Linux
  • CMake
  • GSL (GNU Scientific Library)

Hardware Requirements

  • NVIDIA Fermi generation of GPU or newer. Tested on:
    • Tesla C2050 with CUDA 4.1
    • Tesla K20 (Kepler) with CUDA 6.5
    • GeForce GTX 980 (Maxwell) with CUDA 6.5


  • AMD Evergreen generation of GPU or newer. Tested on:
    • Radeon HD 5870 with ATI Stream SDK 2.2
    • Radeon HD 7700 Series (Cape Verde) with ATI Stream SDK 2.7+ (fglrx driver 9.002)
    • Radeon R9 290 (Hawaii) with SDK 2.9

Build Instructions

To build the OpenCL version for ATI GPUs

hg clone
mkdir build
cd build
cmake <path_to_libmarshal_checkout>

To run the testsuite (in build directory)


Note: Please, make sure you choose the correct compilation parameters (e.g., GPU vendor, single/double precision) by double checking them in /test/, /src/, and /src/cl/