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set up for first packaged release, 0.1.0

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 django-shapes changelog
-Version 0.1.0, ____ 2009:
- No packaged release yet
+Version 0.1.0, October 1st 2009:
+ First packaged release from r27
 from distutils.core import setup
-version = '0.1'
+version = '0.1.0'
 app = 'shapes'
 description = 'Upload and export shapefiles using GeoDjango.'
 url = '' % app
       author='Dane Springmeyer',
-      #download_url='%s/get/v%s.gz' % (url,version),
+      download_url='%s/get/v%s.gz' % (url,version),
       packages=[app, "%s/views" % app],
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