MoinMoin - Random Banner

Purpose : The purpose of this script is to link to another place with a banner, like a webring

Inputs : Receives an URL of a csv file separated with semicolon with three fields : name of site;url site;url banner

The second argument is the width of the banner The third argument is the height of the banner

Output: Shows the banner, when you move over the banner it shows the legend and finally when you click you are directed to the site.



will show any of the records on the file as a banner linking to the site.


will show a random banner on 200x20 size, linking.

A file containing the following lines worked for me.

Slec;; Gleducar;; Educalibre;; Structio;; Flisol;;

Side Notes

Alternate ways of doing this would include using ImageLink macro with RandomQuote :) . I remembered that when I have just finished doing this. RandomBanner DOES NOT rely on those macros.

Please check that your file is well constructed.


Are welcome