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+CC3000 Basic Wifi Demo
+This is the TI CC3000_ Basic Wifi Demo from the CC3000 SDK ported to
+GCC for the Stellaris Launchpad EK-LM4F120XL (it also works with the
+Tiva C-series Launchpad EK-TM4C123GXL) It requires that you have the
+StellarisWare_ SDK somewhere in order to compile (note that the newer
+TivaWare SDK won't work, as their love for systems hungarian notation
+breaks compatibility). It has been modified to work with a CC3000 EVM
+in a sensor hub booster pack instead of the CC3000 booster pack (as
+that is what I've got).
+ .. _CC3000:
+ .. _StellarisWare:
+To build
+Edit the top level Makefile, and change TIVA_ROOT to point where you
+unpacked your StellarisWare SDK. Then, assuming your gcc setup is sane, you
+should be able to just say make.