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Everything has been tested with builbot 0.7.12.  Not sure what happens with
other versions :-)

How to hack the PyPy buildbot

If you want to run buildbot locally, you need to:

  1. create a file ``master/slaveinfo.py`` which contains the password for the
     local slave you will run::

         passwords = {"localhost": "an_arbitrary_password" }

  2. ``cd master; make debug``

  3. ``cd slave; make debug``

How to run the PyPy buildbot

If you want to run buildbot in production, you need to make sure that the
function ``pypybuildbot.util.we_are_debugging`` returns ``False`` in your
environment.  At the moment of writing, debugging is enabled everywhere but on

You still need to fill ``master/slaveinfo.py`` with the passwords of the
various slaves you want to use.

Then, to start the buildbot master: ``cd master; make start``