A tool to recover camera raw files from broken media

recovernef tries to recover Nikon NEF-files from broken media. It is based on ideas from recoverjpeg, and implemented in Python.

Getting recovernef

There is currently no packaged version. You can find the sources on Bitbucket. The only file you really need is

You can use Mercurial to clone a copy of the source tree:

hg clone


It ought to be fairly easy to extend to cover any TIFF-based format (it may even already work for most other TIFF-based formats, though I'm not sure I cover all tags that can point to unsized data.)

For efficient reading, it uses mmap to map in parts of the media to be recovered. If the media for whatever reason doesn't like being mmap:ed, copy it to a file somewhere using e.g. dd, and run recovernef on that file instead.

Note to Windows users: I have no idea if it is possible to mmap removable media devices, nor how you would spell the device name in a way that Python can mmap it. If you know, and tell me, I will add it here. Otherwise you can just copy it to a file using e.g. WinDD

recovernef is copyright (c) 2014 by Anders Hammarquist <>

Released under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2 or later, see COPYING