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MacWJ: a simplistic clone of Windows Journal for OS X 10.5+

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The goal is to have a very basic writing-surface app that produces smooth ink-writing, doesn't get bogged down after a paragraph or two of handwriting, and can export to PDF/PNG. Ideally, it will do anything Windows Journal can do, but for now the goal is to do the things that I actually used in Windows Journal. It is usable on relatively slow not-brand-new machines, such as the ThinkPad X41 tablet.


  • write and draw with a tablet pen
  • add extra space at the bottom of a document
  • insert/remove extra space in the middle of a document
  • editable pens: change color, minimum and maximum widths
  • pens can be angle-dependent with an adjustable angle (simulate, e.g., fountain pens)
  • erase with tablet eraser or with tablet pen and the eraser tool
  • rectangular selection with the mouse or with the tablet pen and the rectangular marquee tool
  • lasso selection with the tablet pen and the lasso tool
  • drag to move selected items
  • delete, cut, or copy selection
  • cut and copy also set up for pasting in other applications as PDF or TIFF
  • paste, including pasting in images and text from other applications
  • drag in text and image files

To-do list of future features

Windows Journal features that are not likely to be implemented


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