Out of the desert

ludumdare 48h comp. THEME: "It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Take this!"

The grit of sand in your teeth is the first thing you feel when you wake up. For a moment you lie, eyes closed, trying to figure out why your head hurts and why there is a terrible taste in your mouth. You spit. Out comes some sand, but also a little bit of blood. Eyes open. 'What the?' you mutter.

You are not in Melbourne anymore Dorathy.

Panic strikes. 'Help!' you scream as you try to stand up. You stumble. Looking around there is no one. Turning around, and around. Turning around.

Looking around, there is no one as far as you can see. You get dizzy from the turning. You hang your head to catch your breath a little. Looking down something catches your eye. There is a piece of paper held under a small rock. Picking up the paper, you also see a whistle. Like in the aeroplanes, how they tell you "and a whistle for attracting attention". You brush off the sand and put it in your pocket.

The note reads "It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Take this!"

"A Whistle? Someone left me here in the desert with just a whistle?"

Your head pounds. "I think I'm coming down". The last thing you remember dancing in a trendy nightclub in Prahran at 7am. Handbag house, your favourite. Memories of dancing on couches, and your head inside a lamp shade hanging from the roof. Your hair was getting hot, and the light was bright in your eyes. You felt the love.

Sticking your head in a lamp shade was probably not the best idea you ever had.

Your head is pounding with a beasty inside your head bashing drums from the inside of your skull, and it feels like a budgey died in your mouth. Despite this you put the whistle to your dry lips. Your lips taste of strawberry lip gloss and sand.

You brace yourself for the loud whistle sound.


A force pushes all around you outwards. It blows small shrubs and sand away from you. Yes, magic. A magic fucking whistle. Collosal.

You consider the note again: "It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Take this!" This whistle might just come in handy after all. You wonder what is dangerous out there?

Determined to make it out of here, you set off into the desert to make your way home.


Development notes

Below are some development notes. About what all the files are, and where they are.

creating a source distribution

python sdist

uploading to pypi is the python package index. It's where lots of python packages of software go.

python register python sdist upload

uploading to pyweek

For the competition only. See usage instructions when you run it.


This is used for the pygame subset for android game runner.

Fill this image in with your game icon.


Windows users can click on a .pyw file and it will run without the console.


This directory contains the script to run your game.

After installing via source or pypi outofdesert should be on the path.


Some utility functions to be used like this: >>> data_dir('sounds', 'play.ogg') 'outofdesert/data/sounds/play.ogg'

It will give you the path to the file you requested, but will work cross platform. Since your files could be in different places on different platforms.