Loop doesn't work on remote wav files in Chrome browser

tarascv avatartarascv created an issue

For quick test I modified function:

html5.play = function (s) {
		setTimeout(function () {
			//var snd = new Audio('sounds/' + s + '.mp3');
			//TODO: detect which formats are supported, and use that.
			var soundPath = "http://www.soundjay.com/button/beep-1.wav";
			var audioElement = document.createElement('audio');
			audioElement.setAttribute('src', soundPath);
			audioElement.setAttribute('id', 'aSound_' + s);
			audioElement.setAttribute('autobuffer', 'true');
			audioElement.setAttribute('autoplay', 'true');
			audioElement.setAttribute('loop', 'loop');
			audioElement.addEventListener("load", function() {
			}, true);
		}, 10);

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