UnrealMagicOfDoomOhYeah / AccessControl.txt

class AccessControl extends Info

    event PreLogin(string Options, string Address, out string OutError, bool bSpectator)
    function AdminEntered( PlayerController P )
    function AdminExited( PlayerController P )
    function Controller GetControllerFromString(string Target)
    function Kick( string Target )
    function KickBan( string Target )
    function SetGamePassword(string P)
    function bool AdminLogin( PlayerController P, string Password )
    function bool AdminLogout(PlayerController P)
    function bool CheckIPPolicy(string Address)
    function bool IsAdmin(PlayerController P)
    function bool IsIDBanned(const out UniqueNetID NetID)
    function bool KickPlayer(PlayerController C, string KickReason)
    function bool ParseAdminOptions( string Options )
    function bool RequiresPassword()
    function bool SetAdminPassword(string P)
    function bool ValidLogin(string UserName, string Password)
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