UnrealMagicOfDoomOhYeah / Emitter.txt

class Emitter extends Actor

    function ApplyCheckpointRecord(const out CheckpointRecord Record)
    function CreateCheckpointRecord(out CheckpointRecord Record)
    function OnParticleEventGenerator(SeqAct_ParticleEventGenerator action)
    function OnToggle(SeqAct_Toggle action)
    function bool ShouldSaveForCheckpoint()
    native noexport event SetTemplate(ParticleSystem NewTemplate, optional bool bDestroyOnFinish);
    simulated event PostBeginPlay()
    simulated event ReplicatedEvent(name VarName)
    simulated function HideSelf();
    simulated function OnParticleSystemFinished(ParticleSystemComponent FinishedComponent)
    simulated function OnSetParticleSysParam(SeqAct_SetParticleSysParam Action)
    simulated function SetActorParameter(name ParameterName, actor Param)
    simulated function SetColorParameter(name ParameterName, color Param)
    simulated function SetExtColorParameter(name ParameterName, byte Red, byte Green, byte Blue, byte Alpha)
    simulated function SetFloatParameter(name ParameterName, float Param)
    simulated function SetVectorParameter(name ParameterName, vector Param)
    simulated function ShutDown()
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