UnrealMagicOfDoomOhYeah / GameplayEventsWriter.txt

class GameplayEventsWriter extends GameplayEvents

    function Poll()
    function bool IsSessionInProgress()
    native function CloseStatsFile();
    native function EndLogging();
    native function LogAllPlayerPositionsEvent(int EventId);
    native function LogDamageEvent(int EventId, Controller Player, class<DamageType> DmgType, Controller Target, int Amount);
    native function LogGameIntEvent(int EventId, int Value);
    native function LogGameStringEvent(int EventId, string Value);
    native function LogPlayerFloatEvent(int EventId, Controller Player, float Value);
    native function LogPlayerIntEvent(int EventId, Controller Player, int Value);
    native function LogPlayerKillDeath(int EventId, int KillType, Controller Killer, class<DamageType> DmgType, Controller Dead);
    native function LogPlayerLoginChange(int EventId, Controller Player, string PlayerName, UniqueNetId PlayerId, bool bSplitScreen);
    native function LogPlayerPlayerEvent(int EventId, Controller Player, Controller Target);
    native function LogPlayerSpawnEvent(int EventId, Controller Player, class<Pawn> PawnClass, int TeamID);
    native function LogPlayerStringEvent(int EventId, Controller Player, string EventString);
    native function LogProjectileIntEvent(int EventId, Controller Player, class<Projectile> Proj, int Value);
    native function LogSystemPollEvents();
    native function LogTeamIntEvent(int EventId, TeamInfo Team, int Value);
    native function LogWeaponIntEvent(int EventId, Controller Player, class<Weapon> WeaponClass, int Value);
    native function StartLogging(optional float HeartbeatDelta);
    native function bool OpenStatsFile(string Filename);
    native protected function bool SerializeFooter();
    native protected function bool SerializeHeader();
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