UnrealMagicOfDoomOhYeah / OnlinePlayerStorage.txt

class OnlinePlayerStorage extends Object

    event SetToDefaults()
    native final function int FindProfileMappingIndex( int ProfileSettingId ) const;
    native final function int FindProfileMappingIndexByName( name ProfileSettingName ) const;
    native final function int FindProfileSettingIndex( int ProfileSettingId ) const;
    native function AddSettingFloat(int SettingId);
    native function AddSettingInt(int SettingId);
    native function bool GetProfileSettingId(name ProfileSettingName,out int ProfileSettingId);
    native function bool GetProfileSettingMappingType(int ProfileId,out EPropertyValueMappingType OutType);
    native function bool GetProfileSettingRange(int ProfileId,out float OutMinValue,out float OutMaxValue,out float RangeIncrement,out byte bFormatAsInt);
    native function bool GetProfileSettingValue(int ProfileSettingId,out string Value,optional int ValueMapID = -1);
    native function bool GetProfileSettingValueByName(name ProfileSettingName,out string Value);
    native function bool GetProfileSettingValueFloat(int ProfileSettingId,out float Value);
    native function bool GetProfileSettingValueId(int ProfileSettingId,out int ValueId,optional out int ListIndex);
    native function bool GetProfileSettingValueInt(int ProfileSettingId,out int Value);
    native function bool GetProfileSettingValues(int ProfileSettingId,out array<name> Values);
    native function bool GetRangedProfileSettingValue(int ProfileId,out float OutValue);
    native function bool IsProfileSettingIdMapped(int ProfileSettingId);
    native function bool SetProfileSettingValue(int ProfileSettingId,const out string NewValue);
    native function bool SetProfileSettingValueByName(name ProfileSettingName,const out string NewValue);
    native function bool SetProfileSettingValueFloat(int ProfileSettingId,float Value);
    native function bool SetProfileSettingValueId(int ProfileSettingId,int Value);
    native function bool SetProfileSettingValueInt(int ProfileSettingId,int Value);
    native function bool SetRangedProfileSettingValue(int ProfileId,float NewValue);
    native function name GetProfileSettingName(int ProfileSettingId);
    native function name GetProfileSettingValueName(int ProfileSettingId);
    native function string GetProfileSettingColumnHeader( int ProfileSettingId );
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