UnrealMagicOfDoomOhYeah / SVehicle.txt

class SVehicle extends Vehicle

    function AddVelocity( vector NewVelocity, vector HitLocation,class<DamageType> DamageType, optional TraceHitInfo HitInfo )
    function PostTeleport(Teleporter OutTeleporter)
    function bool Died(Controller Killer, class<DamageType> DamageType, vector HitLocation)
    function bool TryToDrive(Pawn P)
    native final function SetWheelCollision(int WheelNum, bool bCollision);
    native function InitVehicleRagdoll( SkeletalMesh RagdollMesh, PhysicsAsset RagdollPhysAsset, vector ActorMove, bool bClearAnimTree );
    simulated event Destroyed()
    simulated event PostBeginPlay()
    simulated event PostInitAnimTree(SkeletalMeshComponent SkelComp)
    simulated event RigidBodyCollision( PrimitiveComponent HitComponent, PrimitiveComponent OtherComponent, const out CollisionImpactData RigidCollisionData, int ContactIndex )
    simulated event SuspensionHeavyShift(float Delta);
    simulated function DisplayDebug(HUD HUD, out float out_YL, out float out_YPos)
    simulated function DisplayWheelsDebug(HUD HUD, float YL)
    simulated function DrivingStatusChanged()
    simulated function GetSVehicleDebug( out Array<String> DebugInfo )
    simulated function SetAllWheelParticleSystem(ParticleSystem NewSystem)
    simulated function StartEngineSound()
    simulated function StartEngineSoundTimed()
    simulated function StopEngineSound()
    simulated function StopEngineSoundTimed()
    simulated function StopVehicleSounds()
    simulated function TakeRadiusDamage
    simulated function TurnOff()
    simulated function VehiclePlayEnterSound()
    simulated function VehiclePlayExitSound()
    simulated function bool CalcCamera( float fDeltaTime, out vector out_CamLoc, out rotator out_CamRot, out float out_FOV )
    simulated function float HermiteEval(float Slip)
    simulated function name GetDefaultCameraMode( PlayerController RequestedBy )
    simulated native function bool HasWheelsOnGround();
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