UnrealMagicOfDoomOhYeah / UIOptionListBase.txt

class UIOptionListBase extends UIObject

    event Initialized()
    function Created( UIObject CreatedWidget, UIScreenObject CreatorContainer )
    function InitializeInternalControls()
    function OnStateChanged( UIScreenObject Sender, int PlayerIndex, UIState NewlyActiveState, optional UIState PreviouslyActiveState )
    function bool OnButtonClicked(UIScreenObject Sender, int PlayerIndex)
    native final virtual function ClearBoundDataStores();
    native final virtual function GetBoundDataStores( out array<UIDataStore> out_BoundDataStores );
    native final virtual function NotifyDataStoreValueUpdated( UIDataStore SourceDataStore, bool bValuesInvalidated, name PropertyTag, UIDataProvider SourceProvider, int ArrayIndex );
    native final virtual function SetDataStoreBinding( string MarkupText, optional int BindingIndex=INDEX_NONE );
    native final virtual function bool RefreshSubscriberValue( optional int BindingIndex=INDEX_NONE );
    native final virtual function string GetDataStoreBinding( optional int BindingIndex=INDEX_NONE ) const;
    native function OnMoveSelectionLeft(int PlayerIndex);
    native function OnMoveSelectionRight(int PlayerIndex);
    native function bool HasNextValue() const;
    native function bool HasPrevValue() const;
    native virtual function bool SaveSubscriberValue( out array<UIDataStore> out_BoundDataStores, optional int BindingIndex=INDEX_NONE );
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