UnrealMagicOfDoomOhYeah / UTCTFSquadAI.txt

class UTCTFSquadAI extends UTSquadAI;

    function Actor GetTowingDestination(UTVehicle Towed)
    function EnemyFlagTakenBy(Controller C)
    function ModifyAggression(UTBot B, out float Aggression);
    function NavigationPoint FindHidePathFor(UTBot B)
    function PostBeginPlay()
    function SetAlternatePathTo(NavigationPoint NewRouteObjective, UTBot RouteMaker)
    function actor FormationCenter(Controller C)
    function bool AllowContinueOnFoot(UTBot B, UTVehicle V)
    function bool AllowDetourTo(UTBot B,NavigationPoint N)
    function bool AllowTaunt(UTBot B)
    function bool BeDevious(Pawn Enemy)
    function bool CheckSquadObjectives(UTBot B)
    function bool CheckVehicle(UTBot B)
    function bool FindPathToObjective(UTBot B, Actor O)
    function bool FlagNearBase()
    function bool GoPickupFlag(UTBot B)
    function bool MustKeepEnemy(Pawn E)
    function bool NearEnemyBase(UTBot B)
    function bool NearHomeBase(UTBot B)
    function bool OrdersForFlagCarrier(UTBot B)
    function bool OverrideFollowPlayer(UTBot B)
    function bool ShouldDeferTo(Controller C)
    function bool ShouldUseAlternatePaths()
    function bool VisibleToEnemiesOf(Actor A, UTBot B)
    function byte PriorityObjective(UTBot B)
    function float ModifyThreat(float current, Pawn NewThreat, bool bThreatVisible, UTBot B)
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