UnrealMagicOfDoomOhYeah / UTTeamInfo.txt

class UTTeamInfo extends TeamInfo

    function CharacterInfo GetBotInfo(string BotName)
    function GetAvailableBotList(out array<int> AvailableBots, optional string FactionFilter, optional bool bMalesOnly)
    function Initialize(int NewTeamIndex)
    function RemoveFromTeam(Controller Other)
    function Reset()
    function SetBotOrders(UTBot NewBot)
    function bool AllBotsSpawned()
    function bool BotNameTaken(string BotName)
    function bool FamilyIsMale(string FamilyID)
    function bool NeedsBotMoreThan(UTTeamInfo T)
    simulated event Destroyed()
    simulated function color GetHUDColor()
    simulated function color GetTextColor()
    simulated function string GetHumanReadableName()
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