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Get the code:
$ git submodule add

Include this on top of your latex source document:

Include this as the last content of your latex source:

About getting the list up-to-date

You can re-generate the list (siks-list.tex) from the list provided by SIKS.
(This takes the following input:

Use as:
$ pip install latexcodec
$ cd siks-list
$ python
$ git add -p siks.tex

Make sure you only add new entries as the old ones may have been corrected
in the tex file, but not in the txt file.

However, that file seems often to be outdated. That is why users of this repo
(PhD candidates) also take to updating the file siks.tex by hand. In that
case, push back your changes:
$ git commit -a -m ‘updated list’
$ git push origin master