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Closes #683: set default MathJax path to the CDN URL, and update the docs accordingly.

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 the browser.
 Because MathJax (and the necessary fonts) is very large, it is not included in
-Sphinx.  You must install it yourself, and give Sphinx its path in this config
 .. confval:: mathjax_path
    The path to the JavaScript file to include in the HTML files in order to load
-   JSMath.  There is no default.
+   JSMath.
+   The default is the ``http://`` URL that loads the JS files from the `MathJax
+   CDN <>`_.  If you want MathJax to
+   be available offline, you have to donwload it and set this value to a
+   different path.
    The path can be absolute or relative; if it is relative, it is relative to
    the ``_static`` directory of the built docs.
    documentation set on one server, it is advisable to install MathJax in a
    shared location.
-   You can also give a full ``http://`` URL.  Kevin Dunn maintains a MathJax
-   installation on a public server, which he offers for use by development and
-   production servers::
-      mathjax_path = ''
+   You can also give a full ``http://`` URL different from the CDN URL.
 :mod:`sphinx.ext.jsmath` -- Render math via JavaScript


 def setup(app):
     mathbase_setup(app, (html_visit_math, None), (html_visit_displaymath, None))
-    app.add_config_value('mathjax_path', '', False)
+    app.add_config_value('mathjax_path',
+                         ''
+                         'config=TeX-AMS-MML_HTMLorMML', False)
     app.add_config_value('mathjax_inline', [r'\(', r'\)'], 'html')
     app.add_config_value('mathjax_display', [r'\[', r'\]'], 'html')
     app.connect('builder-inited', builder_inited)