Nicola Ferruzzi committed cc4da7d

Topic.created was not properly imported (due to the auto_add_now flag); added some comments to mark why it requires few and cant be done in one single step

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-                          created = datetime.fromtimestamp(t['date_created'])
                 for m in t['posts']:
+                            # Post.created has the flag auto_now_add, so it must be overriden to
+                            # get updated
                             po.created = datetime.fromtimestamp(m['date_created'])
+                # Topic create has the flag auto_now_add and updated is overriden by signals through
+                # for this reason we have to wait till the very end to update them
+                to.created = datetime.fromtimestamp(t['date_created'])
                 to.updated = datetime.fromtimestamp(t['date_created'])
                 to.last_post = po
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