Truke is a tool to standardize tabular data as used in bioinformatics.

Truke evaluates whether some values are susceptible of being converted into dates by Excel.
It is known that Excel and other spreadsheet software may change gene names when importing text
data (Zeeberg et al., 2004; Ziemann et al., 2016). A default feature will misidentify specific
gene names (e.g.: SET1, AGO3) as dates. This conversion may be avoided by formatting the
spreadsheet cells as Text before importing.

Truke is able to rollback safely corrupted data, for instance 02/08/2011 to SEP2.
This, however, will only be done for a list of gene symbols for which such transformation
can be unambiguously performed. Others, like mar-1 (01/03/2000) will raise a warning
as they could refer to either MAR1 or MAR-01, depending on the species.

Truke transforms delimiter-separated text files (spreadsheet-like) by formally specifying
the origin and destination field separator (tab, space...), decimal mark (point, comma),
missing values (NA, NULL..) and quoting method. 

Truke can be freely accessed at (modern Web browser required;
not Internet Explorer 8 or older)