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NetAnim is an animator based on the multi-platform Qt 4 toolkit. NetAnim currently animates the simulation using an XML trace file collected during simulation.

Detailed instructions are found at

# Pre-requisites:
* Debian/Ubuntu Linux distribution:
  apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

* Red Hat/Fedora based distribution:
  yum install qt4
  yum install qt4-devel

* Mac/OSX
  Qt4 : Install Qt4 (including Qt Creator if possible) from

# Build instructions

  cd netanim
  make clean
  qmake  (For Mac/OSX Users: qmake -spec macx-g++

  ---- Note: qmake could be "qmake-qt4" in some systems

# Using NetAnim
  1. After building NetAnim, run the executable like so


  2. Click the file open button and choose the path to the XML animation trace file

# Generating XML trace files

  See the examples under "src/netanim/examples"
  Run an example like so:
  ./waf --run "dumbbell-animation --nLeftLeaf=5 --nRightLeaf=5 --animFile=dumbbell.xml"

  For more detailed instruction visit
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