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This file contains NetAnim release notes (most recent releases first).  

Please refer the page for detailed instructions

Release 3.103

Please use the following to download using mercurial:
hg clone

Supported Qt versions
- Qt 4.7.x to Qt 4.8.0

Supported platforms
- Fedora Core 15 
- Ubuntu 12.10
- OS X Mountain Lion
- Windows 7

New user-visible features
- Support for setting the following attributes before simulation and modifying them during simulation:
    a.  P2p Link Description
    b.  Color of the nodes
    c.  Visibility of the nodes
    d.  Description of the nodes (Default is Node ID)
- Built-in support for printing the IP and MAC at the interfaces. Currently if there is a text overlap,  the IP/MAC text will be positioned outside the scene and connected by light blue line, to prevent clutter.
- XML Tags for packet and wpacket now support "p" and "wp" respectively (instead of "packet" and "wpacket"), to save disk-space.

Bugs fixed
- Removed the fast-forward button and Precision button. The Persist time controls how long the packet animation remains
  visible on the scene.
- Fixes for more accurately rotating printing Packet information such as SYN. 
- Fixes for smoother back and forth Simulation-time slider.

Known issues
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