imalse / scenario / spamming /


This file contains the BotMaster Command Meta Description for the spamming


import jsonpickle

from core.nodes.botmaster import BotMasterManInput
from core.real.node import PhysicalNode
from scenario.spamming.config import Botmaster, CrawlCmd

def print_help():
    print "Type 'bots' to view connected bots."
    print "Type 'order' to start sending commands to bots"
class BotMaster(BotMasterManInput):
    """This class is a subclass of BotMasterManInput."""
    def __init__(self, desc=None):
        if desc == None:
            desc = Botmaster()
        BotMasterManInput.__init__(self, desc)
        self.bots = []
        self.OPTIONS = {'bots': self.display_bots,
                        'order' : self.order_bot}
    def display_bots(self):
        """Display the bots connected to the server."""
        i = 0
        print self.bots
        for bot in self.bots:            
            print "Bot " + str(i) + " ip: " + bot[0] + " port: " + str(bot[1])
            i += 1
        if i == 0:
            print "There aren't any bots connected with the server."    
    def order_bot(self):
        """Order a specific bot to execute the Crawl command."""
        cmd = CrawlCmd()
        print "Choose url"
        cmd.start_url = raw_input(">>")
        print "Define max amount of iterations"
        cmd.max_iterations = raw_input(">>")
        print "Input botID"
        bot_id = raw_input(">>")
        cmd.addr = self.bots[int(bot_id)]
        self.node.send(self.sock, jsonpickle.encode(cmd))
        print "The order has been send."
    def parse_input(self):
        """Parse the raw input."""
        choice = raw_input(">>")
        if choice in self.OPTIONS:
            print 'Try Again!'

    def add_address(self, socket, data):
        """Add addresses received from the server to the bots list."""
        for address in data.addresses:
            if self.bots.count(address) == 0:
    def recv_ack(self):
        """Send and receive data to the server."""        
        self.node.send(self.sock, jsonpickle.encode(self.verification_command))      
        self.node.recv(self.sock, 512, self.dispatcher, threaded=True)
        if isinstance(self.node, PhysicalNode):
            while True:            
            self.node.send(self.sock, jsonpickle.encode(CrawlCmd()))
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