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Installation of NS3

We recommend you to install a revised version NS-3 based on NS3.14.1. We add the imalse module to this to deal with the packet manipulation. Run the following command in the bash.

cd ROOT/tools/ns-allinone-3.14.1

It will check the dependencies first. be careful about the message of and install the corresponding dependencies. Under Ubuntu 12.04, you can install the dependencies by typing:

sudo apt-get install g++ python-dev gccxml python-pygccxml python-pygraphviz python-pygoocanvas

After building the ns-allinone successfully. There is one more thing you need to do. The ns3.14.1 has a bug in python binding of dsr, the most recently added module. You need disable the import of dsr binding in

cd ROOT/tools/ns-allinone-3.14.1/ns-3.14.1/build/bindings/python/

Comment the following line:

from ns.dsr import *

Installation of Common Open Research Emulator

We use netns3 to vituralize the node in which requires common open research emulator. Since netns3 has been integrated into imalse, you just need install CORE

Please visit the this website for installation of the common open research emulator.

Installation of QT4 and PyQT4

The offline visualizer NetAnim is based on QT. In order to build it you will need to install QT4.

sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

The GUI of Imalse is based on PyQT. In order to use it you will need to install PyQT.

sudo apt-get install python-qt4-dev

Installation of JsonPickle

Imalse uses JsonPickle in order to serialize and deserialize command objects when sending them through the network.

pip install -U jsonpickle

Installation of PcapFix

An adjusted version of PcapFix is located in ROOT/tools/pcapfix-0.7.3. It is used to repair corrupted pcaps that are generated during simulations.

cd ROOT/tools/pcapfix-0.7.3
sudo make install

Installation of xterm

The embedded terminal in the GUI is xterm. You will need to install it on your system to be able to easily run simulations in Imalse using the GUI.

sudo apt-get install xterm

Get yourself started

Download Imalse

Currently you can only fork the repo of Imalse. A tarbal of Imalse will come available soon.


Demos are coming soon...