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     TEMPLATE_LOADER = 'pysi.template.file_loader'
     FLASH_COOKIE_NAME = u'pysi.flash'
     ROUTING_QUEUE = ['pysi.auto_routing']  # очередь функций роутинга
+    JINJA2_EXTENSIONS = ['jinja2.ext.with_']
     def set_defaults(self, **kwargs):
         autoescape = True,
         cache_size = cfg.TEMPLATE_CACHE_SIZE,
         auto_reload = cfg.TEMPLATE_AUTO_RELOAD,
-        extensions = ['jinja2.ext.with_'],
+        extensions = cfg.JINJA2_EXTENSIONS,
 class FileLoader(object):
 import os
 from setuptools import setup
-VERSION = '0.8.6'
+VERSION = '0.8.7'
 PACKAGE = 'pysi'
 if __name__ == '__main__':
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