Dawn is boilerplate for creating interactive web applications with Python/Django, and bundles the below essentials


-> Vagrant, virtualenv ready
-> Python 3
-> Django 1.8
-> ModWSGI with Apache 2.4.x
-> Foundation Framework - JQuery built in

  • Included scripts tested on Ubuntu 14.04, but may be supported on other Ubuntu distros


Either in-house implementation, or integrates a public available, open source package

-> Pages - Support for website's static content, along with handlers for form submissions such as 'contact'
-> Blog - Basic functionalities for blog.
-> Admin - Wordpress style administrator support (in the works)
-> Authentication and Authorization (Open Source)
-> User Management - Authentication and Authorization

Sample deployment:

Start by:

Install MySQL database         
- Run, sudo apt-get install mysql-server

Using Vagrant -         
    - Update Vagrant specifics in Vagrant file        
    - Run, 'vagrant up' from a command line launched as administrator

Without Vagrant -         
    - Deploy code within src into a directory on Ubuntu, say, /opt/Dawn        
    - Manually install prerequisite's mentioned in

cd to /opt/Dawn         
Update /core/web/ with app specific details     
Switch to virtualenv, and install dependencies   
    - Run, virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3.4 env        
    - Run, source env/bin/activate    
    - Run, pip install -r requirements.txt       
    - See README - for more virtualEnv operations           
cd core/      
Run, python core/ makemigrations          
Run, python migrate          
Run, python createsuperuser

Run Server 
    - Run, python runserver

Dawn can be accessed at http://<machine-ip>:8000/      
Admin can be accessed at http://<machine-ip>:8000/admin
    - Add pages - about, work, contact, and also some blog posts from the admin, and see them turn to life through the app ;)

To exit from virtualenv, just run the command 'deactivate'

See README - for deployment instructions