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Gitolite is an access control layer on top of git. Here are the features that
most people see:

* Use a single unix user ("real" user) on the server.
* Provide access to many gitolite users:
    * they are not "real" users,
    * they do not get shell access.
* Control access to many git repositories:
    * read access controlled at the repo level,
    * write access controlled at the branch/tag/file/directory level,
      including who can rewind, create, and delete branches/tags.
* Can be installed without root access, assuming git and perl are already
* Authentication is most commonly done using sshd, but you can also use http
  if you prefer (this may require root access).

SlackBuild options:
GITUSER=<user>  Set privilege of executing gitolite related commands to only
                <user>; set empty if it is granted for all users

After installing gitolite, you need setup gitolite repository. If gitolite
privilege is limited to user 'git', then you need to change to 'git':
$su - git
And then setup the repository under the home directory of 'git':
$gitolite setup -pk <admin's public key>

If you want to upgrade gitolite, after upgrade the package, change to user
'git' and execute:
$gitolite setup

For more information of gitolite, check: