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Foo Princess Dragon Mom and her mutant army have arisen, and only Inframan can stop them! The Demon Princess Elzebub plots to conquer the Earth. She destroys a few major cities in Hong Kong to prove her power to a terror-stricken humanity. Returning to her lair in Inner-Earth, she awakens her army of Skeleton Ghosts and her various Ice Monsters to wreak havoc! But there is one hope. In view of the current crisis, he has at long last completed and is prepared to use the BDX Project: In the HQ&#39;s secret laboratory, Professor Liu Ying De transforms Lei Ma, a high-ranking SH officer, into the bionic kung fu superhero, the Inframan! Able to perform impossible feats, as well as being equipped with death-dealing weapons, the solar-powered red &amp; silver armored Inframan is mankind&#39;s only hope against Elzebub and her army of devils. Super Inframan is cheesy as f**k. Never have I seen such a cheesy kung fu film like The Super Inframan. This film is so cheesy that I felt like peeing out of laughter while watching.<br/><br/>The story is about, well it&#39;s hard to explain, a bunch of evil monsters who fight poorly and funnily and the odd girl wizard who dominates them. The story contains also a man who is THE SUPER INFRAMAN. This role is played by Danny Leee who has done a great job. He is some sort of a cheesy superman rip off who looks like a bird or maybe a power ranger lol. He fights a against the evil monsters and their landlady.<br/><br/>I strongly recommend that you watch this cheesy film. It&#39;s so cheesy and bad that you can&#39;t help being delighted by it!!! I give this film nine out of ten points!!! WATCH THE SUPER INFRAMAN !!! Let&#39;s look at INFRA-MAN for what it is:a rollicking kung fu/biker/disaster/monster flick of the highest magnitude! If you love cheap chopsocky movies and guy-in-a-rubber suit films, this is a serious contender for the ultimate trashy movie. Out of it&#39;s 88 minute running time, there are maybe five minutes where nothing ludicrous/exciting happens. How many films can you honestly say that about?<br/><br/>The plot in a nutshell:all hell breaks loose all over the world (in the form of earthquakes, firestorms, etc.) when the incredibly evil Princess Dragon Mom (yes, you read that right) awakens from eons of sleep. A hot Asian super-villain/dominatrix in a blond wig with a dragon&#39;s head/bullwhip for a left hand,she intends to enslave the Earth with the sorriest-looking bunch of monsters since SIGMUND AND THE SEA MONSTERS, and there&#39;s nothing we can do about it! Fortunately, Professor Chang creates Infra-Man, an utterly invincible cyborg superhero who is such a badass that he can come up with powers when he happens to need them.Much craziness and ass-whuppin&#39; ensues, and it may just leave you dizzy! You have to watch this with a group of nine-year-olds (or drunk/stoned buddies) to get the full effect that this has on a fun-loving crowd. And how can you not love a movie where you can see the monster&#39;s hightop basketball shoes (look at Plant Man&#39;s feet during closeups)?<br/><br/>Two classic moments: When Infra-Man first shows up,even though he has only just been created,and absolutely no one other than Professor Chang knows about him, people point at him and exclaim &quot;That&#39;s Infra-Man there!&quot; And the moment when Professor Chang gives Infra-Man his newest weapons: &quot;These are Thunderball fists! They have the power to destroy everything!&quot; Need I tell you to rent this?


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