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-Fbone is a Flask skeleton.
+Fbone is a Flask skeleton, with following dependencies.
-- Dependencies:
-    Flask
-    Flask-SQLAlchemy
-    Flask-WTF
-    Flask-Script
-    Flask-Babel
-    Flask-Testing
-    Flask-Uploads
-    Flask-Mail
-    Flask-Cache
-    Flask-Login
-    HTML5 Boilerplate
-    bootstrap
-    jQuery
-    nose
+HTML5 Boilerplate
-- Commands
-    # Install packages.
-    python install
-    # Run local server.
-    python run
+# Install packages.
+python install
-    # Reset database.
-    python reset
+# Run local server.
+python run
-    # Compile with babel.
-    python compile_catalog --directory fbone/translations --locale zh -f
+# Reset database.
+python reset
+# Compile with babel.
+python compile_catalog --directory fbone/translations --locale zh -f
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