Inside a Demotool (new!)

by cxw/Incline - to be presented at Demosplash 2017


Refers to lua-osg-livecoding.

Rather than create a new repo for one file, I piggybacked on this one. The Demosplash 2016 material is...

Introductory Democoding with ShaderToy

by cxw/Incline - presented at Demosplash 2016

  • See the PDF of the slides - click the link, then click "View Raw".
  • Or try the textual for specifics about the presentation.

Any updates will be at


  • Shaders 01.frag through 09.frag are the shaders I demonstrated live. #08 has two parts: Image (08-gfx.frag) and Sound (08-msx.frag).
  • The PDF and PPTX are the slides.
    The SVGs are masters of the dataflow diagrams in the slides.
  • is the Python script I mentioned that generates the GLSL encoding of the song in 08-msx.frag.
  • update-message is a bash script that stuffs the output of into 08-msx.frag so I don't have to copy and paste it by hand.
  • multipart.frag, music.frag, and are from ncl00 and are provided for your amusement, I mean, edification.
  • .gitignore is a file you can ignore ;) if you are not cloning this repo to do further development.




Physics of light


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