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OK, finally really ready for release

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 Version 0.3, 19 September 2007:
-Packaged from revision 91 in Subversion; download at
+Packaged from revision 92 in Subversion; download at
 * Changed ``register`` and ``activate`` views to accept
   ``RegistrationForm``; if you were relying on it, switch to using
   ``RegistrationFormTermsOfService`` instead.
+* BACKWARDS-INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The activation email template now
+  receives the current ``Site`` object as the context variable
+  ``site``, and the ``current_site`` variable, which only held the
+  domain, is no longer available.
 * Added script ``bin/`` with instructions on
   how to use it as a cron job to clean up expired/inactive accounts.