Transifex Common-Pool Client

Transifex Common-Pool is a project to provide a web service to localize Mozilla JetPacks. It is a set of Transifex addons which add the necessary functionality (common strings, overrides, filters etc) needed for this project.

This package contains the client used to extract strings from jetpacks and send them over HTTP to the server for translation.

Here's how you may execute the script:

./ -r <transifex_instance> -p <project> -l <uname> -P <pass> <dir_to_jetpack>



hg clone
cd commonpool-client


First fire up your commonpool server:

# Fire up server
cd transifex-commonpool/transifex
./ runserver

Then send over some strings:

cd ~/commonpool-client
./ -r localhost:8000 -p mozjp -l editor -P editor test_data/localization

*Note: You must create the project in transifex beforehand. The client cannot create projects.