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A Django app used to add true plug-n-play functionality to your own Django applications and projects

Django-addons is a bunch of code that makes writing addon/plugins for your Django project much easier. Add django-addons to your Django project and you can drop all the addons to '<projectdir>/addons' directory.


You can install the latest version of django-addons running pip install django-addons or easy_install django-addons You can also install the in-development version of django-addons with pip install django-addons==dev or easy_install django-addons==dev.


  • Addons overview page
  • Automatic signal connecting of addons
  • Automatic URL discovery of addons
  • Template hooking system (inject code from addons to your main project)
  • Django-staticfiles to serve site media from each addon
  • Django-notifications support (automatic registration of noticetypes)
  • Per addon localization
  • Per addon settings
  • Disabling addons via ./ addons

For full documentation please refer to the 'docs/' directory.