API should provide occurences by their ID, not fullName

Issue #10 wontfix
Anonymous created an issue

Currently, each exception is identified by the jetpack fullName. It's the right way to show it in the UI, but in the API the ID of the jetpack should be used.

In other words: * "foo" is the thing that should be visible in the transefix UI * "jid0-ATMjt4l16RFeoL4klWW4q682CRY" is what should be a key for "apps" array in the JSON file.

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  1. Serafeim Mellos

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

    The jetpack ID that you refer to is what? The ID from the package.json file? If so, with the current implementation, we don't have that information stored in Transifex so we can't use it. If that's needed, we could modify the transifex backend to store this information as well.

    If by 'ID' you mean something else, let me know.

  2. Zibi Braniecki

    yes. By ID I mean the ID from package.json - that's the unique ID of the extension.

    I currently manually hacked the transifex to store this instead of package.fullName - we should have both.

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