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Issue #13 new

Upload of csv files should be useful to feed transifex common pool

Anonymous created an issue

This is no issue but request. I just tried to upload a test csv file but I suspect this is not an authorized format. Too bad. Every lang team can quite easily have a list of pairs englishTerm, translatedTerm to have a most common terms glossary already usable.

Comments (3)

  1. Zibi Braniecki

    The issue here is that we want to have every entity to be related to its jetpacks. When you remove all jetpacks that use this entity, entity should disappear.

    So what I can think of as a closest to what you probably are asking for is that csv file should populate all available, untranslated entities. But if in the CSV file there's an entity that does not exist in our system, it will not be added (cause there's not jetpack for it).

    Does it sound fair to you?

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