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- Transifex
-Transifex: The Open Translation Platform
+**NOTE: Development repository moved to Github: https://github.com/transifex/transifex**
-Transifex is a highly scalable localization platform with a focus on
-integrating well with the existing workflow of both translators and developers.
+Old repositories on BitBucket and code.transifex.org are obsolete and will
+soon be removed. Please update your bookmarks and scripts!
-It aims in making it dead-simple for content providers to receive quality
-translations from big translation communities, no matter where the project
-is hosted.
-* Live common instance: http://www.transifex.net
-* Development page:     http://transifex.org/
+ Transifex: Localization, Evolved.
+"Translation workflow and crowdsourcing for agile teams and smart translators."
-* Provide an interface for translators to submit translations to multiple
-  projects, regardless of the type of the underlying VCS
-* Reduce the overhead a project maintainer usually undertakes to administrate
-  accounts for translators
+What is Transifex?
-* Help translators do more by eliminating the need to subscribe to each VCS and
-  learn its commands and tricks
+Transifex is a modern localization platform.
-* Encourage collaboration between developers and maintainers and thus, increase
-  the language coverage of the participant projects
+It's an online, cloud-based, highly scalable translation management and
+workflow tool, with a focus to integrate well with the existing workflow of
+agile development teams and translators.
+The name comes from latin and means 'Translation artisan'.
+Key features:
-For full documentation, including installation instructions, please refer to
+- Workflow Management: Full control over your localization process. Great
+  integrations with your own systems and workflow using our client app,
+  libraries and a rich API.
+- Continuous Localization: An online internationalization tool which adapts
+  to the production cycle of fast-paced teams with dynamic content and agile
+  releases.
+- Coordinated Collaboration: Create self-managed language teams under your
+  project. Invite 10 professional or 10.000 volunteer translators. Or both.
+- Quality Control: Translation Memory, glossary, proofreading, translation
+  suggestions with voting. All the tools you'll ever need to ensure high quality.
+More than 25 localization formats are supported including Gettext, Java, HTML,
+XML, iOS, Ruby, RESX, PHP and XLIFF.
+Public instance:
+ https://www.transifex.com/
+Development pages:
+ http://code.transifex.com/
+ http://help.transifex.com/