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-Transifex 0.8-beta
+Transifex 0.8 (Magneto)
-Welcome to the beta release of Transifex, which is what will become
-Transifex 0.8 codenamed Magneto_.
+Welcome to Transifex 0.8, codenamed Magneto_.
   February 18, 2010
 Transifex and parties who choose to migrate to a new major version and enjoy
 the new features.
-Transifex 0.8-beta is a preview of what's being cooked in 0.8. It's still under
-development and not intended for production use. 
 Here's a 40K-foot view of the release major features and numbers:
 - Translation Teams
 - Translation Reviews
 - Timeline & history
+- Project Releases and Removal of Collections
 - Weekly notification for maintainers
 - Subversion over secure HTTP (https)
-- Lotte support for plurals and msgctxt
+- Lotte support for plurals, msgctxt, filtering, searching and more!
 - Nudges between users
 - Notifications for permission requests
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 Lotte Improvements
+- Filtering results based on the status (transalted, fuzzy, untransalted) is
+  back! w00t!
+.. image:: ../../screenshots/0.8/lotte-filtering.png
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 - Added server-side pagination when editing a PO file.
   - The translation form now uses a session wizard, which allows
 - New config file holding methods, and -local file for overrides.
 - Don't try to msgmerge if there is no related POT file
 - Renamed setting file ``90-local.conf`` to a ``*.sample``.
+- Splitted component edit form into two views
+- Added support for Khmer language (#497)
+- Docs directory structure overhaul.
 Efficiency Improvements
 - No 404 should be raised when adding an ActionLog
 - Fixed user Timeline querying (#485)
 - Made some POTManager methods static ones
+- Don't try to msgmerge if there is no related POT file
+- Fixed entry status changing for Lotte (#525)

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