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NOTE: Development repository moved to Github:

Old repositories on BitBucket and are obsolete and will soon be removed. Please update your bookmarks and scripts!

Transifex: Localization, Evolved.

"Translation workflow and crowdsourcing for agile teams and smart translators."

What is Transifex?

Transifex is a modern localization platform.

It's an online, cloud-based, highly scalable translation management and workflow tool, with a focus to integrate well with the existing workflow of agile development teams and translators.

The name comes from latin and means 'Translation artisan'.

Key features:

  • Workflow Management: Full control over your localization process. Great integrations with your own systems and workflow using our client app, libraries and a rich API.
  • Continuous Localization: An online internationalization tool which adapts to the production cycle of fast-paced teams with dynamic content and agile releases.
  • Coordinated Collaboration: Create self-managed language teams under your project. Invite 10 professional or 10.000 volunteer translators. Or both.
  • Quality Control: Translation Memory, glossary, proofreading, translation suggestions with voting. All the tools you'll ever need to ensure high quality.

More than 25 localization formats are supported including Gettext, Java, HTML, XML, iOS, Ruby, RESX, PHP and XLIFF.

Public instance:
Development pages:
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