_       _____ ____  __
             ___ _ _| |_ ___|   __|    \|  |   Release 0.1
            |  _| | | . | -_|__   |  |  |  |__    by infact
            |___|___|___|___|_____|____/|_____|      03/2012

What this project is about

This is a GameCube Port of the SDL library and some addons. It has been
created, because the original port has vanished over the years and the
following Wii port is more advanced than it was. Although it is in some
specific bits different, it shares much code with the Wii port.

Current content

  ┗ SDL libSDL 1.2.15

Installation and usage

Check out this repository (if you not already did) and look for the
README and INSTALL files in the subdirectories.


If you want to contact me, email me (infact [at] quantentunnel [dot] de)
or write infact on the EFnet irc network.