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  1. Valery Ushakov

First cut at NetBSD/powerpc support. Copied from Linux mostly as-is either directly or by applying Linux 386->power changes to NetBSD 386.

The only semantic change w.r.t. Linux code is to lib9/setfcr-NetBSD-power.S - don't use with-update variant to store FPSCR as the code never reverts the update and hence the stack pointer becomes out of whack. This looks like a genuine bug in the Linux code.

Only minimally tested:

  • emu -c does not work
  • Compiling with -O2 in CFLAGS causes host's limbo to dump core when generating runt.h
  • Graphics work, but the colors are wrong. Looks like wrong RGB endianness.

Comments (5)

  1. Valery Ushakov author

    The crash with -O2 is taken care of with bc94d01 that add explicit -fno-strict-aliasing to be on the safer side of things. This code was written well before modern compilers became opinionated, so making that explicit doesn't hurt (even if default -O doesn't enable it).