Ondřej Surý avatar Ondřej Surý committed 071a2a9

Add initial support for pkgconfig

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 ## Process this file with automake to produce Makefile.in -*-Makefile-*-
-EXTRA_DIST = gdlib-config.in
+EXTRA_DIST = gdlib-config.in gdlib.pc.in
 bin_SCRIPTS = gdlib-config
+pkgconfigdir = $(libdir)/pkgconfig
+pkgconfig_DATA = gdlib.pc


+Name: gd
+Description: GD graphics library
+Version: @VERSION@
+Cflags: -I${includedir}
+Libs.private: @LIBS@ @LIBICONV@
+Libs: -L${libdir} -lgd
-                config/gdlib-config])
+                config/gdlib-config
+		config/gdlib.pc])
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