Iñigo Serna avatar Iñigo Serna committed 764d8c0

Fix bug: add ebooks, switch lib => default covers are shown, not ebook

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-Last update:	Time-stamp: <2012-05-28 11:53:04 inigo>
+Last update:	Time-stamp: <2012-05-28 12:38:51 inigo>
 . new library: check for not repeated name
 . fix bug: stop loading covers if creating new library
 . fix bug: crash at libs check if library name with non-ascii chars
+. fix bug: add ebooks, switch lib => default covers are shown, not ebook
-. fix bug: importing ebooks => covers are not shown after program restart
 . before add, delete, bulkedit => thaw
 . bulkedit: tag => add, not replace
 . db: refactor lib functions into a class
 . refresh library:
-  "Found 13 new books. 7 missing files, do you want to review and delete their entries in library?"
+  . "Found 13 new books. 7 missing files"
+  . delete void folders?
 . copy book(s) to path => preference: default path (f.e. "/media/DR800/Books"), filename format
 . filter/search bar:
   . advanced search: boolean, groupping (), attributes…
     def initialize(self):
         log.debug('START load covers in background')
+        self.get = self.get_cover_temp
+        self.stop = False
         self.__books_generator = db.book_generator_id_path_hascover()
         self.__idle_fn_id = gobject.idle_add(self.idle_load_covers)
-        self.get = self.get_cover_temp
-        self.stop = False
     def clear(self):
                 # load cover image, resize, cache and return
                 pbfile = cover_getpath(book.path)
-                    pb = load_pixbuf(pbfile, cover_size[DEFAULT_SIZE_TO_LOAD])
+                    pb = load_pixbuf(pbfile, CoverFactory.SIZES[DEFAULT_SIZE_TO_LOAD])
                     # error => use a predefined image
                     idx = randrange(1, 13)
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